I’m a B.Sc. candidate in software engineering at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, focusing on mobile development. I previously studied computer science at the University of Milan, particularly enjoying algorithms and number theory. What was supposed to be a 4-months exchange in Helsinki, ended up being a new chapter of my life.

I work at Codemate as mobile developer, mainly with iOS and Flutter. I build tools to help people simplifying the tasks they’re trying to accomplish, written with clean code and lots of passion.


3 November 2017

TV show episode randomizer

What episode of FRIENDS am I gonna watch tonight? An engineeristic approach to randomize my watchlist.

3 July 2017

Reverse engineering the Strava Suffer Score algorithm

Making the Strava Suffer Score algorithm available for all the Suunto users.

9 April 2017

Solution for macOS Sierra battery time indicator

I decided to write a small Alfred workflow to see the battery time whenever I have the need.